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I own a 2003 Mazda 6 with the 2.4l i4 and have been having issues recently.. It has 89k miles on it and I bought it NEXIQ USB Link 2 with 86k from a large, reputable, new car dealership. However, I've been noticing strange things recently..

1. At idle, rpm dips to about 750, goes up to about 1300 and then back to 900 - 1000 where it normally is. What can this be?

2. Engine is making a weird sputtering noise at idle and ESPECIALLY when in reverse, while my foot is on the brake. It is VERY evident and sounds like a typewriter mixed with a sewing machine.

3. When passing at higher speeds, the transmission squeaks when shifting gears, usually at about 4500 - 5500 rpm.

4. When exiting the car after driving it, there is a loud squeak from suspension. Is this a bad suspensions or a mount/joint of some sort?

Please help and give any details about how these issues may or may not be related. I dont think my car should be having all of these issues at these miles, considering a friend of mine has the EXACT car with 165k and it runs beautifully. Thanks in advance.
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