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Billed as the biggest auto show in America, the Chicago Auto Show never has a lot of debuts, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. This year's show is no different with a small number of automakers holding press conferences and debuts rumored (and in some cases confirmed) to include the Chevy Camaro Z28, the VW Jetta GLI and the Acura TL; plus more from Dodge, Hyundai and Suzuki.

Check back for breaking updates with coverage from the Chicago Auto Show starting on February 9th.

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Great coverage.

You guys are right about the small number of automakers holding press conferences. Mazda seems to be one of those that has cut back this year on this specific show. The economy is still hurting so it's understandable to some point. But so far every manufacture has done their part for themselves to help bounce back from the rough times.

It's only a matter of time till we see more and more manufactures such as Mazda make a bigger presence at a lot more shows.

Cars like the Mazda 2 will really give them the big boost they need.

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