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Our long-term Mazda 2 and the Ford Fiesta I drove in Toronto share a common platform, though each has a very different driving position. I mentioned this fact in my Fiesta in Canada blog, but what's the difference between the back seats?

Well, the 2's front seat is taller and thus doesn't need to go back so far in its travel. This creates more back seat legroom than the Fiesta even though the two cars share an identical 98-inch wheelbase. I can (barely) fit behind "myself" in the 2, whereas it wasn't possible in the Fiesta. However, the Fiesta has enough headroom for me to sit upright, whereas the 2 requires me to cant my head heavily to the right.
As such, I think I'm giving the Fiesta a slight victory here. The driver can always scoot his seat up, but you can't raise the roof. Well, you could technically raise the roof, but then you'd look like somebody's dad thinking he looks awesome dancing to Lady Gaga at a wedding.

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