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Are you guys tempted to modify the Mazda2? I know I am. Just looking at the Mazda2 I can see its in need of modifications. Great looking car, but from factory it just doesn't look good as is.

bigger wheels on low profile tires, coilover suspension, and a lip kit makes for a nice start and will do wonders for the Mazda2 overall appearance.

from edmunds...
If I owned a Mazda 2, I'd be tempted to modify it some. At the top of my list would be handling. The Deuce is blessed with precise steering and light weight, but the combination of the two highlight the car's potential for even better handling. Holding it back are economy-biased tires and commuter-friendly suspension tuning. Therefore I'd probably look at getting gripper tires and some sort of aftermarket spring and damper combination.

Actually, I did that this morning by poking around CorkSport. And yeah, you can get all of the above plus the ubiquitous intake and exhaust. But then I had a reality check. If I owned a 2, presumably I bought it because I was on a tight budget. And if that's the case, would I really then go off sinking thousands of more dollars in aftermarket parts? Probably not.

In all likelihood, I'd just get a set of performance tires and wheels and leave it at that.
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