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one of the guys at insideline left the dome light on in their Mazda2 touring model, they never said for how long, i guess over night...8 hours?

lets just assume it was 8 hours, leaving a dome light on for 8 hours you'd expect the battery to go below the voltage needed to get the Mazda2 started, turns out starting the car wasn't a problem even tho the light was on!

Mazda2 FTW!

You may not know this, but Tom Bodett drove our 2011 Mazda 2 Touring last night, and he left the light on for me.
Note to HR: That was a joke.
Actually I left the light on for me.
Point is I was met with this ominous scenario when I stumbled out the front door at 5:40 this morning, bleary-eyed and behind schedule. Would she start?
No hesitation, no sluggish starter behavior, no problemo. She fired right up and I was on my way as per usual.

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