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2011 Mazda2 Touring: What is it about hatchbacks? What do you like about the 2?

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An article on Inside Line brought up a very interesting thing. Hatchback's seem to be selling very well in the USA and even the writer thinks that hatchbacks look cooler and are more useful than sedan versions.

So with that in mind, what do you guys like about the Mazda2 hatchback? Why did you go for the Mazda2 hatchback rather than a Mazda3 sedan for example?

Too bad the writer didn't know about the Mazda2 sedan being sold in foreign nations!

Call me crazy, but I think hatchbacks look cooler and are more useful than their sedan brethren. I know there's no such thing as a Mazda2 Sedan, but you have to admit the Mazda3 is a more coherent design as a hatch and the new Chevrolet Sonic hatchback looks cooler than the sedan. Same goes for the Ford Fiesta. Don't you think? So why has it been (with the exception of Nissan Versa which sells at a rate of 3 hatches to 2 sedans) with U.S. car buyers that we shun hatches?
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i guess the reason why a lot of people love hatchbacks is because they are sporty, can carry a lot of items for it's size, usually has decent space for passengers since the roof doesn't slope and most Japanese hatchbacks are juat A-to-B cars with great gas mileage.
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