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I was Surfing and found out that full specs and details were released about the 9th gen civic, Hybrid,Si and regular model civic as well. Also followed with what 8th gen owners think of the new 9th gen!

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Review

A little something Auto Guide Said about the 2012 Hybrid Civic

Now in its second generation, one of six new 9th generation Civic models, the hybrid is closing the gap on the Prius with an impressive 44-mpg claim. That's not just 44-mpg highway either, but 44-mpg city, resulting in (you guessed it) 44-mpg combined.

There is a full review and Video posted here[video].html

2012 Honda Civic Review

Here is what Autoguide said! now what do you guys have to say!

It doesn't wow you with a bold new design, or with best-in-class mpg claims. And that's disappointing at first. But the new 2012 Honda Civic is, in every way, an improvement over its predecessor – arguably the best buy in the compact car segment for several decades running.

For the full review click below![video].html

2012 Civic Si Review

K20 or the all new K24 for your Si which do you prefer?

Were it another car, we might have had our doubts, but as the flagship performance offering in the Civic lineup – a vehicle that spawned a generation of import car tuning – the Si is the benchmark to which others are measured. This held true even late into the previous car's product cycle, with newer rivals hitting the market, when it could no longer be considered the obvious performance king.

What has Honda done...[video].html

Finally the 8th Gen owners impressions!

With the help and blessing of the public relations team at American Honda Motor Co., AutoGuide arranged for an exclusive preview of the 2012 (9th generation) Civic, occurring simultaneously with the first press drives of the car in Washington, D.C.[video].html

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2012 Honda Civic pricing Price
Civic DX Sedan (man.) $15,805
Civic LX Sedan $18,655
Civic HF $19,455
Civic EX Sedan $20,505
Civic EX-L Sedan with Navi $23,455
Civic Si Sedan (man.) $22,405
Civic Hybrid $24,050
Civic Hybrid Sedan with Leather, Navi $26,750
Civic DX Coupe (man.) $15,605
Civic LX Coupe $18,455
Civic EX Coupe $20,505
Civic EX-L Coupe $21,955
Civic EX-L Coupe with Navi $23,455
Civic Si Coupe (man.) $22,205
Civic Si Coupe with Navi (man.) $23,705

Found a price chart as well
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