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2012 Nissan Versa: Cheapest Car in America, Priced from $10,990

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Nissan is taking a calculated gamble with its all new 2012 Versa sub-compact. Rather than style it up and pile on the options like every other automaker seems to be doing, the Versa promises solid fuel economy and a spacious cabin, wrapped in a sea of beige stolen from Toyota.

How does Nissan plan to stay on top in the B-class segment when compared to flashy new rivals like the Ford Fiesta? Easy. They'll price it so low you simply won't be able to say no. The numbers have just been released, and the new 2012 Versa sedan will start from just $10,990. For those doing a little cross-shopping, that's over $2,000 less than a base Fiesta sedan. If you're looking for an automatic transmission (a CVT in Nissan's case) you'll have to step up slightly to $12,760.

The good news is, the base Versa isn't as stripped-down as the previous bargain basement model offered and does include air conditioning, as well as an AM/FM/CD/Aux audio system. All Versa models come equipped with a new 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that makes 109-hp and 1-7 lb-ft of torque. And thanks to a new dual injector system it gets 30/38-mpg (33-mpg combined) with the CVT transmission, or 27/36 (30-mpg combined) with the 5-speed manual.

The 2012 Versa will hit dealers in August with a new hatchback model also destined for North America and going on sale in July.
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Cheapest brand new car in the USA for that price.. but would i really want something like that? for 13 000....

For 13 000 i could buy old but better used cars for that price.. even a lets say 2010 basic civic for that price as opposed to a 13 000 nissan versa...
A Nissan for just under $11 000, not bad. But I'm a Mazda guy and I rather have a Mazda2 even though the Mazda2 MSRP is more or even a used Mazda 3 sedan that looks far better.

I would be concerned about the build quality on such a cheap car.
$10,990 is boring. But, at least more people can buy a new car.
The sedan (S) starts at $11k but the hatchback starts at $14k. The S model has zero packages so no power windows, locks, etc. You must go with the SV sedan which again starts at $14k. I assume the S has AC but never went back to check.

So trying to compare to my M2 Sport with a stick that was around $14k + shipping...not any less expensive. If you want a stripped car with absolutely no option to buy options, it's $11k assuming you can find one on a lot.
Test drove one of these. I'm unsure of the CVT tranny, it sounded like it should shift, but it doesn't? kind of odd. Also, I drove the sedan not sure which, but it definitely had some upgrades but still around the $15k price. It just wasn't too impressive, especially after I drove the 2.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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