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Wrapping up our CX-9 long-term test, we look back at the highlights and flaws in Mazda’s flagship crossover.

Over the past four months, we’ve thoroughly tested nearly every aspect of the Mazda CX-9. While it’s an afterthought in the market, we wanted to know if it would be worth putting in your family’s driveway, so we put it through its paces to make sure it was up to the task. Our long-term test is over now, but before we let it go, here is what we learned.

As promised by Mazda marketing, the CX-9 is a blast to drive. Sure it’s big and heavy, but it’s also long and wide and low relative to others in the segment, so it has a great stance that benefits its driving dynamics.

The 2.5L Turbo has plenty of grunt to get it going, 310 lb-ft of toque to be exact, and it never seems to want for power, even when we run it on regular grade fuel, which puts its horsepower at a modest 227. Horsepower rises to 250 if you spend the extra coin on premium fuel, but we stopped doing that about halfway through our test after alternating at each fill-up over the first few months. As to the transmission, in the entire four months we’ve had it, there hasn’t been a single complaint or hiccup, so about the only fault we could raise with the powertrain is a bit of coarse engine noise.
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