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Angry Cop? or Just a rice boy.

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Who knew doing a "burn out" in a parking lot would get your ass stomped by a police officer. Who's wrong here the cop, who abuses his power and spends all your tax money enforcing nothing, because no on is in danger in this situation.
Whats your take?
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I know i hate cops. I find that they just eat up our tax dollars and spend every ounce of their time dealing with these kids and minor problems that don't effect the majority of us or put the majority of us in danger, but they decide to go out and pursue what they hat e and deem is wrong.
That guy driving the civic is an idiot. why would you even bother to piss off a cop, when he just wrote you a ticket.

that guy was just asking for it, though the cop didn't really need to have such a dramatic approach towards this "case"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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