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Bought a mazda2 with no Remote and one Key

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So I bought a 2014 mazda 2 with one key and no remote. It was a former rental car. I've had it about 6 months and am trying to understand my options for adding a remote.

All the articles I read say keyless entry was standard, but the manual mentions an asterisk everywhere it says remote entry as if its not always included. Is it possible my car was produced without keyless entry as a feature, and if so, any idea how to check?

I see alot of instructions online for programming a new remote and it looks straightforward, but without one to get the serial number from I can't be sure what to purchase. Any idea if there is anywhere I can lookup this information?
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My 2014 2 was came the same way. I had to go to a locksmith to order and program the key less entry
Im in the same boat... Just bought a base GX model with no keyless entry but it does have power door locks. From what it looks like is buy a key fob to program or go to the dealer and get ripped off. Seems like the only option is to buy an aftermarket alarm or remote starter with keyless entry. Someone correct me if i am wrong. Ive been leaving the car driver side door
1. You need software like forscan :
2. You need a OBD ll Scanner like this :
3. You need a key fob like this :
4. You need a laptop to install software to.

Search youtube to learn how to do it.

If chip in keyfob dosen't work, just get another one from a scrapyard mazda 2 keyfob and change it to the new keyfob.
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