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Buy a Mazda 2, it will retain its value.

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Lets you know that, buying our lil mazda 2, was a good finical choice by us buyers.

while its very true that small compact cars will retain there value, as more buyers are interested in them and, the price point wont drop ridiculously low either.

As quoted
"Non-flashy compacts tend to dominate the list because they lose the least amount of resale value, cost relatively little to maintain and don't guzzle gas. Luxury vehicles tend to take a larger hit because the annual evolution of high-end upgrades usually leave the previous models in the dust"

It is true, when a new model of your 80,000 M3 comes out, your previous gen m3 will be left and dust and a value drop of well over 70%

So in a bombshell , smart choice on us =]
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Mazda's aren't really known to hold their value. A good example is the Mazda 6 sedan, you can pick up a 2004 mazda 6 sedan for as cheap as $7 000. The Mazda 2 price is already low, and their's nothing special about it to help it retain it's value.

Also no one will end up paying a premium price for a used Mazda 2 economy car.

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Mazda at that point were made by ford, and everyone knew, and weren't exactly the best cars that were made around that time.

the only reason why a Mazda 2 can retain its value, is if people want the Mazda 2 and it become a hot seller, if the price is already so low, it can only drop so much ;)
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