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I found this good and interesting read (link below) on people & their car's. Can you judge a person by what they drive?

I think most of the time you can. You won't see the head of a major company rolling in a 90's civic!!

If someone is going to spend money on something, usually they will make sure it's something they like that suits their needs & within there spending budget.....unless they know very little about it and goes with what someone suggested.

It is 6:30 AM and my trusty co-pilot was with me as well drove the daily 35 mile trip in to downtown Big-D to work this morning.
As we approached the entrance to the HOV lane we started our typical morning debate, were “they” ahead of us or behind us?

“They” in this case is a Chevrolet Aveo stacked to the gills with 5 adults that consistently backs up the 65 mph HOV lane by chugging along at 45 mph, bouncing and swaying always on the edge of control. The decision is crucial, if we are behind the Aveo, then you can safely add 15 minutes to our commute and start out the day behind. If we are ahead, there is time get a quick cup of coffee and start the day out right.

HOV lanes are necessity in the DFW area, “if” they are used as intended, they only ones allowed to use them are motorcycles, and vehicles with 2 or more passengers. This keeps them relatively clear of jam-ups and makes the commute consistent. That “if” however is a big one. In the case of the Aveo it is forever burned into my brain as that slow moving overloaded car, simply wasting my time.

The tell tail trail of the red brake lights ahead told the story, we were simply too late “they” were ahead of us. So we were regulated to the rest of the commuting world and left to maneuver with the rest of humanity to downtown. Bobbing in and out of traffic is an understatement as we found out. They used to say the difference between a porcupine and Porsche was a porcupine had its pricks on the outside. In this case this morning a BMW 3 series could have lived up to that billing. Darting back and forth changing lanes, while being a public nuisance all of the while, he can proudly say he progressed a mere 300 feet over the next 15 miles.

Sure enough after a while we passed the trusty Aveo plodding along in the HOV lane, the overloaded springs groaning with each bump, our gamble had paid off.

As we approached downtown, a new SUV with a lone occupant merged out of the HOV lane in to traffic, a clear violation of the HOV occupancy rules. Not fair! But this happens all of the time. The commute from there on out was fairly uneventful until I arrived near work, and a Chrysler 300 with 24 inch rims and tint dark enough to conceal illicit activities from public servants pulled up. Pounding enough bass from the Gangster Rap to wake to in the nearby cemetery, he made his presence known to both the living and the dead.

Down and into the underground garage we went, safe in the cocoon 6 floors deep. As we parked, I saw the same SUV that stole a ride in the HOV lane sitting just a few spaces away. As we walked to the elevator a well dressed woman exited the vehicle and joined us in the elevator. My co-pilot just happen to ask “didn’t I see you in the HOV this morning” She smiled and said why yes. He then mentioned he didn’t see a passenger and that might have been the original purpose of the HOV lane in the first place. Her response was quite smug and sharp when she said, “Well my car is a hybrid, so those rules don’t apply to me”

So what did my morning commute show me? Maybe you can judge a book by its cover, or better said, can you judge a person by the car they drive?

So the question to you my friends is, what type individuals do you associate with a marque?

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Usually yes, most people who drive crap box really don't care about their ride and generally are just w/e with their car. I believe most of the time, a persons car is reflected by their taste, styling, and how they see what is best and what interest them the most, ie color options and etc.
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