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Clunk when steering?

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Has anybody experience a clunk when turning at a slow speed or at a dead stop? I took it into the dealership under warranty and they replaced the steering rack. It kinda went away for a while but it came back. I tried to search for others having this issue but it doesn't seem too common. Any suggestions? It is really annoying and it makes me feel like the steering rods will fall off when I drive.
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I see you bought your Mazda2 used with 29,000 miles on it. I would first question the history of the vehicle: Has it been used and abused? Has it been off-roading? Has it been in a wreck? To me, the clunk sounds like a steering knuckle or CV joint is worn. For it to happen so quickly after the dealership fixed it, it makes me suspect an accident or abuse that has caused some sort of misalignment between the front wheels and the road. I would consider taking it to a mechanic (non-dealership) that will look at it for free and let you know what's going on. When they tell you what's wrong, that's when you can take it to the dealership and see if it's covered under the remainder of the warranty.
I am positive that it hasn't been into any accidents. I checked thoroughly for bents or signs of body repair. But one thing for sure that I figured it was a rental and probably got abused. I don't want to take it some just some mechanic as I have had bad experience with those dumbasses. Maybe take it to the shop where I get my speed 3 tuned. The only one I trust.
Yeah, I understand not wanting some random mechanic messing with your car, but it's nice to have an outsider take a look at it. Sometimes, dealerships will try to save themselves by only replacing one component, seeing as how the customer is not paying them to fix something under warranty. If you can't feel any slack in the steering wheel, and if you pull on the front wheels and don't feel any movement, those are good signs that your wheel won't fall off while driving.
So the problem has been solved. At first the dealership told me that they couldn't replicate the noise after I personally showed them. So then I told them it's a lot more noticable or easier to replicate when the car is cold. So I left the car there overnight. Next day they were able to replicate the noise and still couldn't figure out what is wrong. Called Mazda over the phone and figured out that it was the shaft that is connected right off the steering wheel. It's kind of like an axle type of part. It was just a faulty part and has happened to some Mazda2s as they say. Not really too common. Got it fixed under warranty. A good reference to whoever might face this problem in the future.
Yes I have exactly the same on our 2013 Mazda 2. Asked my local (non mazda) garage to look at it at MOT last year and they said they could find nothing. Another (non mazda) garage did my MOT this year and gave me an advisory because of a steering clonk but didn't have time to investigate it.
Steering clunks

Yep. Just got my M2 with 33k. Never felt the clunks during test drives but it's obvious now, especially during sharp low-speed turns. I do have a top-notch mechanic and will have him look at that steering shaft when possible.

Im having this issue now, how much were the repairs?
Guys, my M2 has the exact same problem since I bought the car in 2009 (new). I have been visiting my local Mazda dealership and they just add grease at the bottom end of the steering cylinder. They do that every couple of years and the problem has disappeared. Ask your car engineers to do the same.
I got this too. The dealer just pulled the steering apart down by the floor area inside and squirted grease into the steering column and it went away. Some months later its slowly coming back. The grease must be leaking somewhere. This is a common problem with this car and others. In fact there is a youtube video showing you how to do this.
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