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I have a 2011 Mazda2 Sport automatic. I found the DIY oil change post on this site very informative. I had done the oil changes on my old Crown Vic but it was nice to hear what worked, what didn't, as each car can be different. I wish there were other DIY posts for the Mazda2.

I have reached 60,000 miles and am looking to do some of the 60k Maintenance on my own rather than paying $300 at the dealership. Plus, I don't need everything on that list, though they may try to talk me into it. I have had bad experiences with the Mazda dealerships in my area and would rather go somewhere else or do it myself.

I understand that not all of the items under the 60k maintenance are things that can be easily done at home, but I believe most of them are. Maybe a general overview of how to inspect everything, cooling system flush (?), and replacing any filters. If anyone that has more car maintenance experience would be willing to post a how-to or video or point me in the direction of one, that would be great.

I'm just a young woman trying to live frugal and avoid the headache of overpaying and getting scammed at a car dealership. I'd say I have a bit more experience with car maintenance than the average female and am hoping to learn more, as much as I can. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me out!
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