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We have discovered an interesting parent for something Mazda might use on a new RX-9.

If you’ve been following the news on the Mazda RX-Vision Concept, you’re probably hoping it heads to production as the RX-9. Unfortunately, there are contradicting reports on whether the RX-9 is really in development, and we will likely know more at the Tokyo Motor Show this year if Mazda debuts anything. But to give us some hope, a recent patent application has been published that hints at a new door design for a Mazda sports car, suggesting this could be used on the RX-9.

The design isn’t anything fancy or crazy, and it’s certainly not something we’ve never seen before. Like Mazda says in the patent application, low-slung sports cars tend to have an issue when it comes to the potential for their doors to hit curbs when opened. There’s a reason why cars like modern McLarens have fancy doors – it’s not just because some people think they look cool.
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