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DRL on Mazda Demio 2017

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Looking for a way to run the DRL on Mazda Demio 2017 from Japan like on European models.

Car equipped with:
  • Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH)
  • High Beam Control System (HBC)
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)
Therefore, all the main sensors are present in the car.
Additionally, I have FORScan app and Vgate vLinker FS ELM327 adapter.

I've researched IC module in Mazda SkyActiv OBD-II calc (FORScan) v6.31.xlsx file a bit, however, can't find any section responsible for this. So I think that it is controlled by 720-01-01 in the section 'Region code', but I could be wrong.

Font Material property Parallel Rectangle Number

So the questions are:
  • Do you know how to turn on DRL like on European models (always on)?
  • Can the section with 'Region code' can be changed to EU value without harmful consequences for the car equipment/functionality?
  • What other region-specific functions will be enabled or disabled?

Thank you in advance!
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