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Hello guys. I am 2005 Mazda Demio (JDM mazda2) owner from Russia. And i came here cause people on russian mazda2 website are clueless.

Recently i came across images of australian mazda2 rally prototype.

Aaand i realized that this is exactly what i want from my mazda. I know that a lot of you drop your cars, buuut that would be a problem here in Russia, cause you know, roads here suck. I just don't feel like having a hole in oil pan. So anyway i came here to ask for your help to determine what can i do to give my car some lift and make suspension more rally like in general. From what i could have snooped about australian prototype is that they used eibach coil springs and some one of a kind shocks from guy named Murray Coote. But all i was able to find on eibach website are springs that lower the car, i don't think they used them in prototype, right?
Murray Coote proflex system
front Strut coil with Eibach springs, retuned shock absorbers and torsion bar stabiliser
rear Torsion beam axle, Eibach springs, retuned shock absorbers
Any advises on which shocks, springs etc could do the job? Thanks!
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