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Hey everyone!

I am just gauging interest on this topic. Not sure if any of you would rock a forum decal on your Mazda2. Anyhow post up your thoughts/ ideas if any. I took the liberty in coming up with a few ideas myself. Let me know what you think. Cost, sizing, colors and custom decals can be discussed throughout this thread for those interested or curious.:D

A little background of myself and what I do.. I am a Mazda enthusiast myself, specifically on Mazda3. I am apart of your sister site Mazda3Revolution, in which I create their forum decals and have been a major asset to the Mazda3 community. I have been producing quality professional decal work for the last 7yrs. I can create almost any decal you can think of.

Side Note: Not sure if this kind of advertising is allow by the forum Admins. Admins please PM with any questions or concerns.
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