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It's barely hit the streets over here, yet in Europe, Mazda is already on the next iteration of the Mazda2, set to be revealed at the Paris Auto Show later this month. Most evident is a different nose profile, with a protruding black bumper (reminscent of recent European market Peugeots). There's also more pronounced curvature in the fenders, but the overall look is hardly distinctive for the B-segment these days.

However it's what's under the skin that will probably generate the most interest. Mazda says the updated car will boast Euro V-compliant low emissions engines, likely gas and a 1.6 four-cylinder diesel, a new automatic transmission and tweaks to the chassis, steering and suspension, to give it a bit more sporting flair. If North America gets a facelifted Mazda2, don't expect it until sometime in 2013 and even then, it's unlikely that the diesel engine will make it across the pond.

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