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I'm 21 and I just purchased my 2nd car Feb 2nd and it's the Lean Mean Green Fighting Machine.. a like new 2012 Mazda2 5spd (of course) with 1,600 miles on it. :D I have been looking at mods for it ever since lol.

My previous car was a 1992 Mercury Capri XR2 (5spd with 119,000 miles on it as of now) and never wanted to fix it up because I knew something else would just break.. But everything runs fine engine-wise. (selling it for like $1,500)

But I'm really interested in learning more on how to make my M2 a freakin sick race-car and I'll be keeping it for at least 10+ years so you'll be seeing me around. :cool:

Check out my little 0-45 in my neighborhood. Lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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