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The M2 has the same poorly designed links used for 20 years on at least the 90's Protege, 2000-2004 Ford Escape and the current M2 along with it's cousin the Ford Fiesta. I'm sure it's shared across multiple Ford/Mazda models. I had the low speed clunk over bumps on my M2 just as my 2002 Escape experienced around 30k miles. I just replaced these with non-OEM links at 30k miles since why would you put a low quality part on the vehicle again.

I ordered the Raybestos 545-1349 links last Sunday, they arrived yesterday and I replaced this morning in 30 minutes. Ironically, the box also has the Moog part number K80104 which is another replacement option. Jacked up the car and left the wheels on though it's a little tight working in that area. 14mm bolts coming off and 15mm replacements. The new link is heavier and definitely has a bigger ball joint plus it comes with zerks. The OEM joints were loose and could be rotated with your pinky finger.

The OEM links are stamped made in Japan on one side and on the other...FoMoCo! These were $40 shipped to the door and the Moogs would have been a little over $30. There is some question on the Moogs holding up so thought I'd try the Raybestos.
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