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I'll be picking up my '12 SG 5MT Touring next tuesday and can't wait! It will be replacing my WRX swapped Forester and my autocross prepped miata that I'll hopefully be able to sell in short time. Had to take advantage of the 0% financing. My goal with this was to get something fun to drive with great MPG, that won't feed the modding/racing bug so I can spend more time with family. I'll be squeezing two child seats in the back. My wife is getting a Mazda 5 soon, which is why I'm able to manage with something this small with kids. Just needs to get them to/from daycare and get me to work.

I'll probably start out with tint and weathertech liners for early mods. I'm sure I'll be adding at least sways and a catback, but hopefully I can be patient and wait awhile. Wheel/tire package will come once I've worn out the stockers (or someone local makes a good offer for them).
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Picked up my 2012 SG Touring last night. Got an awesome deal, and on top of that my car came with window tint, front armrest, cargo net, and wheel locks for no extra charge. Then afterwards we all went to Cracker Barrel to eat, and our server informed us that an anonymous elderly couple 2 tables away picked up our tab before they left! Imagine that, my 2 little girls finally saved us some money. Now if only that would happen with daycare...

Oh yea, and the car is a blast to drive!
Hi all this is John nice to meet you all and happy to be the part of this forum.
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