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I would like to show you my Mazda2 1.5L, that I bought two years ago with only 82k KM on taho! :) So, I have big plans for this car because I absolutely love it! I already did some things on it but many more is planed. I like to keep OEM look so I only buy OEM equipment. For now I have added arm rest, Bluetooth KIT, smart blinker (3x), and cruise control. That is all OEM equipment that I have install in my car
Some of other things I did is that I painted brake callipers in bordo red, added MPS stickers, added LED bulbs for high beam and I added vibration and noice cancelation foil in the inside of the door (trust me it makes a huge difference)... but I'm also planing to add DRLs in some eyebrow form, I'm also going to buy 17" FIVE AD rims (from Mazda 3d carbon concept), add Bilstein coilovers, and add AWR engine mount. I already ordered this part from the States.
Next week I'm scheduled in SEDOX chip tuning to raise power output to 117hp. This summer I'm planing to add CAI and maybe do something with exhaust.

Anyway I will post some pictures here so you can see how did the car looked like when I bought it, and how it looks now :)
I hope you like it ;)

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