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Hi from RVA!

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Hey guys! I'm GlassCactus, I just turned 18 so as a present to myself I bought myself a new car. I spent days looking for the perfect car. And I was driving past this dealership and spotted this beautiful shining car. I thought "I will own this whatever it takes" and the next day signed the loan and bought it. What car is it? A 2012 Mazda2 Sport it had 6 miles on it. That was three weeks ago, I now have 750 miles on it and I'm much better at driving stick! Sorry about spinning yarn but I'm just excited. Especially since I get about 33 city. And I live in the city so that's amazing. And I expect it to only get better. I would love to show a picture of her but it says uploads are disabled. Anywho, I really like this forum and will try to be a very active member!
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