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Honda Fit, Mazda2 Headline New B-Spec Road Racing Series

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The Honda Fit and Mazda 2 will headline a new racing class, known as B-Spec, that's been designed as a new showroom stock racing series. The rule set is expected to be finalized within the next 60 days, and both the SCCA and NASA sanctioning bodies have expressed interested in adopting the class.

Using OEM specified wheel, tire and suspension components, the cars will have stock chassis and engines, but will be able to use weight reduction and ballasting to gain performance advantages. The Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris are also eligible for competition.

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interested to know how well the Mazda 2 will perform against the rest with all the weight reduction they have done.

quoted this from the SCCA website

With the goal of providing close racing in affordable cars from a variety of manufacturers, Honda and Mazda jointly announced the formation of “B-Spec” Showroom Stock racing. Honda Performance Development, the racing arm of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; and MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development, the performance division of Mazda North American Operations, unveiled their entries for the proposed new low-cost B-Spec, developed from the MAZDA2 and Honda Fit at last week’s Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando, Fla.

B-Spec refers to all cars meeting a common set of rules that can be adopted by any race circuit or sanctioning organization. Together, Honda and Mazda solicited an independent body to develop a set of vehicle specifications that will be available for all to use – the motorsports equivalent of “freeware.” The final rules should be ready for release within 60 days.

Both the B-Spec Honda Fit and MAZDA2 will be eligible for 2011 SafeRacer SCCA National Club Racing events in the H Production (HP) and Super Touring Under (STU) classes, and for regional races in HP and STU and the ITE class. Beginning in 2012, the cars will run in Showroom Stock C.

One of the fastest-growing segments of the automobile business, B-segment cars are among the most affordable, and enjoy great support from younger demographics. In addition to the MAZDA2 and the Honda Fit, the category includes the Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris.

Two prototypes for the class – a MAZDASPEED-run MAZDA2 and a Honda Fit, prepared and entered by Team Honda Research-West – debuted at last weekend’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill season-ending NASA endurance racing contest in Willows, CA.

Designed to be an entry-level category, B-Spec cars will feature showroom stock racing cars utilizing stock engines and chassis, fitted with a competition roll cage, racing seat and other safety equipment; and manufacturer-approved suspension components, tires and wheels. Weight distribution will be used to balance performance among competing manufacturers.

The manufacturers will use an independent third party to homologate competing cars and provide equalized specifications to any interested sanctioning bodies or race tracks. A racer who builds a B-Spec car will be able to race the same car across multiple sanctioning bodies by simply changing the sanctioning-body decals. Only homologated OEM models will be eligible within the rules.

This is intended to be a grassroots class of racing, and at present, there are no plans for a B-Spec professional series.

Marc Sours, General Manager, HPD -- “A cornerstone of our grassroots motorsports initiative has been to establish a connection between Honda’s passenger cars and the racing cars which evolve from these models. The B-Spec category provides a relatively low-cost means for the prospective racer to enter the sport, and the Honda Fit offers a natural point of entry. These are inexpensive, great-handling cars that should provide both excellent competition and help grow the sport at the entry level.”

John Doonan, Manager, Motorsports Team Development, MAZDASPEED -- “Road racing remains a highly popular activity, but affordability is a huge challenge. Mazda enjoys the largest spec class in the world in Spec Miata and the easy way to race the MAZDA2 would have been to create a similar spec class. But we feel cooperation and multi-manufacturer competition can grow the sport for everyone.”

Jeff Dahnert, SCCA President & CEO – “We’re very intrigued by the collaboration of Honda and Mazda on a common rule set for these sub-compact market cars. It’s often perceived that manufacturers are seeking any advantage possible over their competition, but this effort is proof that rivals can work together toward a common goal—one that will likely be attractive to many of SCCA’s members. We look forward to seeing these cars in National competition in 2012”

In addition to the four confirmed participants, others have been involved in the discussion with an eye to joining the B-Spec ranks in 2011 or 2012. Ron Stukenberg, Senior Manager, Motorsports, Nissan North America noted that “Nissan Motorsports is very interested in the B Spec program and is closely evaluating it for possible future Versa entrants. The concept of cost-effective, entry-level sedan racing is certainly a great way to hone a driver’s motor-racing skills and hearkens back to the days of our involvement with the BRE 510. In the next few months, Nissan Motorsports should be in a position to finalize our intentions in this new class.”

About the participants:

MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development is the motorsports division of Mazda North American Operations, and has provided support and competition parts for Mazda teams and racers since 1983. MAZDASPEED is involved in racing activities at all levels of the sport, from local autocrosses through multiple levels of professional open-wheel and sports-car racing. On any given weekend, more Mazda cars are road-raced than any other brand.

Honda Performance Development is the Honda racing company within North America. Founded in 1993, and located in Santa Clarita, Calif., HPD is the technical operations center for high-performance Honda racing cars and engines. In addition to its grassroots motorsports business, HPD is the single engine supplier to the IZOD IndyCar Series and spearheaded championship-winning efforts in the 2009-2010American Le Mans Series, 2010 Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Since 1944, the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has championed one mission: To bring motorsports to the masses of American men and women who are passionate about automobiles, speed and competition. From National Championships to regional events, whether professional or amateur, we exist to organize, support and develop auto racing at every level and provide an outlet for you to get out of the armchair and into the action. So, whether your passion is autocrossing, rallying or road racing as a professional or as a weekend warrior, SCCA wants to help you fuel your passion.
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More information on B-Spec here:

Alternatively, I don't suppose anybody would be interested in upgrading the gears on the Mazda 2?

The final drive between the USDM and other markets is different as is the 5th gear from what I can tell.

USDM = 3.85 with a 0.78 5th
JDM = 4.105 with a 0.775 5th

Click the link to see the difference and mouse over the graph to see the mph vs. rpm.
More information on B-Spec here:

Alternatively, I don't suppose anybody would be interested in upgrading the gears on the Mazda 2?

The final drive between the USDM and other markets is different as is the 5th gear from what I can tell.

USDM = 3.85 with a 0.78 5th
JDM = 4.105 with a 0.775 5th

Click the link to see the difference and mouse over the graph to see the mph vs. rpm.
I'm assuming this means the USDM mazda2 has longer gearing - no problems with that, but I am wondering about a shorter second gear for autocross
haha i wonder then they are going to produce a production model B spec version of this !
I wish there were more b spec cars!

B spec racing are intense esp! with cars become vety stock and almsot all motor!
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