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I can feel and hear an annoying click most of the time I change gear on my 2009 Mazda 2 Ts2, 1.3l petrol, manaul transmission.

Posts elsewhere suggest that this clicking is not uncommon and may occur due to the design of spring on the clutch pedal - the coils may not be completely concentric circles - but because the spring is under such tension the only safe fix is to repalce the whole "Clutch Pedal Box" assembly. This probably means a quick "5 minute job" turns into a much bigger one. Mazda UK deny any particular problem exists.

Of coures it is nigh on impossible to buy a Workshop Service Manual for the Mazda 2 here in the UK.

If anyone has replaced the Clutch Pedal Box (especially if it fixed this problem for you) - any tips would be much apperciated.
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