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Hub Assembly-rear

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So i'll start with the details. my mazda 2 (2009) was crashed side on and pretty much the left hand side of the car is ruined. everything runs fine, doors open etc but there seems to be a lot of noise coming from the rear left hand side wheel/tyre/bearing.

i bought a new hub assembly $215 from mazda parts wa and i've hit a snag installing it.
(i'm having a mechanic look at it tomorrow and i'll post results)
i took the tyre off, managed to get those philips head screws out but couldn't get the casing off that surrounds the hub assembly.

ideas or experiences anyone?
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Did you release the parking/emergency brake? If so, you may need to rotate the drum brake adjuster on the back side to release the rear brakes.
the hand brake was released, turned out it just takes a bit of hard yacka to get it off. The new bearing has been installed and the car no longer 'hums' like it did. :)
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