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Back at the hotel, Murong elegant pajamas, lounging on the couch watching TV. See Lee Immersió back quickly the past mentioning slippers, with a virtuous wife. Li Immersió bath, television has shut the Murong elegant look decent sitting at the table, Li Immersió thought Lee aviculture things were not completed, and quickly walked over and asked: "elegant, how the? mind? "

Murong elegant sipping lower lipwholesale nfl jerseys expression serious and replied: "Well, I want to talk to my personal life."

Lee Immersió sit in the the Murong elegant opposite, equally stern: "Well, go ahead."

"In fact, I do not surnamed Murong, I surnamed Cao I have two ID cards, called Murong elegant, the other is called Cao Miaomiao If I remember correctly, I called the father should be Major General, and I so-called Grandpa will. "Murong elegant softly.

Listen Murong Qingya so said, Li Immersió this erupted regarded understand why the Chinese basket Association of suddenly do the faint-hearted, but also sent officials went to the United States to apologize.

"I hate Cao, originally not want a lifetime dealings with Cao but, when things almost irreparably, I had to go to them for help, evennfl jerseys cheap if I know my mother because Caojia Yu Yu and eventually ... ... "Murong Qingya said here, tears already burst.

Lee Immersió quickly get paper towels to to go and Murong Qingya wipe tears, his stupid, listened to so much, he probably also know that some of the context.

Rub the two, the Murong Qingya suddenly hugged Li Immersió, tearful looking at Li Immersió, said: "My mother always said, 'this life no regrets', but I know no Jin Cao door her this The biggest regret in life, it is the biggest blow of her untimely death. "

"... Do not cry!" Arm around Lee Immersió the Murong elegant, hand in her back gently pat a few. At this moment, he suddenly felt should give this helpless woman crying in his arms a warm shoulder.

Evening, the Murong Qingya tired lying air max shoes hanging the Lee Immersió arms tears slept with a smile in the United States and the United States.

Olympic basketball opening match, The Lee Immersió went to the U.S. team locker rooms, the Chinese team did not go to the locker room. In However, Lee Immersió course not to go to the United States team to cheer, and several acquaintances narration, and then about a time they went to Beijing to play. But was very secretive job, after 03 generation just name in Macau got a the 'dust Romance', to the great capital caught discordant events, estimated disrepute!

Evening game play is very exciting, the Chinese team lost by 31 points, the whole country joyfully broken what minimum points difference. Nfl jerseys chinaLi Guan Yu in VIP watching the game puts several point guard scolded upside down, and my heart even this assumption - if I go, it is estimated that the Chinese team will not be afraid of Deron Williams, Paul, Kidd tight force, right?

Can not separate the ball after court press under field Surprisingly point guard? This player is estimated to only be able to find in the Chinese team.

Jason Kidd in the interview after the game, signing a new club Pick vague mention Road: "lee is a good player, his very strange dribble, I can not rush in to steal."

The implication is self-evident.

Teammate Sun Yue was full of praise of the new season as Kobe Bryant, of course, also mercilessly boast Lee Immersió meal: "sun is a very high guard, he can do a lot of things on the court, I am optimistic that he can to gain a foothold in the NBA is a very, very good at learning guy, and training very hard, although he Wholesale authentic jerseys singled out I never won, but I believe his new season can be a good position to take over in Miami. perhaps, might first point guard, privately, I concluded that Coach K is discussed, and we agreed that Dwyane Wade with his technical style is very in tune to fit, they collide with the absolute will produce fantastic chemical reaction. "

Dwyane Wade the prospective boss not to mention the fact he basically did not talk about the things of the game, and in KwaZulu Lee Immersió, I really do not know the Chinese team in his eyes important thing Lee Immersió important.

"Lee, Oh, he is the future of our Miami and his bone age was sixteen years old, he has three or four years without formal training, but he can still play training camp in Orlando, eye-catching, I think his strength is close to lottery pick, I think, as long as he maintain this rate of progress continues to become a superstar, is likely. "
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