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2005 Mazda 2 DY 1.5L ZY-VE (Maxx)
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As the title states i want to know if they are the same engine and if not then what are the differences?

Here is Australia only the 1.5L ZY-VE is offered in the Gen 2 Mazda 2 (DY) and i have been wanting to get it rebuild but there is nothing available for it which sucks but i just recently noticed that a Mazda 2 Sport (DE) has the ZY-VE engine.

I'm also aware that the regular Mazda 2 (DE) has the ZY-VE engine but it is worse then the gen 2 (DY) while the (DE) sport is the same if not 1kw better then the Gen 2 (DY)

Now, is there any differences internally and externally? (coolant lines, injector ports intake/exhaust and wiring)
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