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Does anyone know if the door and ignition lock cylinders on the Mazda 2 are double pinned (meaning the key needs to be cut on both sides). I've owned cars with double sided keys, but the lock cylinders only had pins on one side and a single sided key would work if it was inserted in the correct orientation.

My wife just bought a 2014 Sport from Hertz and they only had one key. I had a locksmith make me a second. Then bought transponder blanks online to save money, but nobody around here will cut them (or they want to charge a ridiculous amount). So I'm trying to cut them myself. I created a flat acrylic template from an impression I took of the master key. I used it to cut one side of a key to what I believe is accurate, but it won't work. Just wanted to find out if it has to be double-sided to work before I chance totally ruining the key.

Thanks very much.

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