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One of the most important style elements of any car is the wheels. You don't have to do a fancy body work or a paint job to personalize your car or make it stand out, a set of properly selected custom rims will do it all.
Today we would like mention one of the most popular aftermarket wheel brands in the industry - Konig wheels. Their rims are available at our store CARiD for many years and many of us have seen them here and there or even used to have on our cars, but they definitely worth it.

Konig's designers follow the latest tendencies in the wheel design, so you can always find some stylish items in their product line. Old-school deep dish, modern multi spoke and concave models are all in.

A combination of three factors like Design + Quality + Price make these wheels a good option to consider.

Check out the full list of Konig wheels at CARiD by clicking on the banner below:

Visual wheel configurator is available on our website, so you can see how the wheels would look on your car.

You can select a set of Konig rims sized to fit your stock tires or get a new rims & tire set.

CARiD wheel experts will guide you through the process of getting the right wheels for your car, and make sure they'll fit properly - just contact them at 888.978.3395.

Which Konig model would you get for your ride and what size?
- Please post your options in the comments below!
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