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It's been several months since Mazda first announced its new Shinari concept, but the car has finally made its world premiere at the LA Auto Show.

Looking even more stunning in person, the Shinari shows just how capable Mazda's design team is. In fact, there's enough talent over at Mazda that we'd politely request they share their creative skills with the rest of the industry.

The Shinari marks the start of Mazda's new Kodo design language as it moves away from the past Nagare designs that can be seen on cars like the Mazda3.

A collaborative effort from Mazda's design studios in the U.S., Germany and Japan, this new concept is set to inspire all future models by the brand.

A no-show at the Paris Auto Show, we finally had the chance to fully appreciate the car in LA and now you can too, thanks to our extensive gallery below.

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Wow! If Mazda can produce an all new sedan, even a coupe like what mazda2-guy mentioned with design from the Shinari 4 door concept in mind, it will defiantly open them up to more of a market. Possibly take them up to par with BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, etc

I strongly believe Mazda needs to come out with a car to compete with Nissan's GT-R, Toyota's LF-A, and other cars that compare.

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