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Mazda 2 1.5L ZY-VE mod suggestions/questions

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Hey guys im runnin my 2005 DY lookin at getting some mods for it, been looking around most of the stuff is scam CAI and SRI garbage, most of it does away with stock airbox so its eaither worse or the same as stock but i did find some AutoEXE parts, it looks quite interesting, if i had the blueprints for it id try to make it myself but thats not available unfortunately so i just have to do alot of research before i send off my $500-$700AUD for an intake. Mind you it looks to be a multipoint intake system that connects directly to the stock airbox so in that sense its good, but i feel like id also need to upgrade to a bigger throttle body, so id need to find one of thoes, if anyone knows what size and where to find a larger throttle body that would be great.

Another thing is the intake runners, while i plan to stay NA they are also a massive restriction to airflow on these cars, so if anyone knows who makes intake runners that would be helpful.

Does anyone know how much power the stock DY transmission can take? Stock engine is 110HP .

lookin to rebuild/refurbish my engine, need parts any place to find them? A new engine is 1k and thats after 200,000km on the clock

Also looking for a nice sounding exhaust, something raw, gritty, not too raspy or full of midtones but smooth and unbalanced, bassy but sharp. More or less what the stock system is but louder. I know most of the bass in the system comes from the headers so thats somewhat of a issue but overall just want it to have a little more sound, more flow and life to it.

In terms of handling i think i want eaither better sway bars or suspension, on the very edge of handling it tends to kick out. Its easy to handle but it can feel sketchy drifting at 80km/h around a corner periodically bouncing the rear end and weight shifting using the breaks to prevent a full on slide into oncoming traffic. Any suggestions for this would be extremely helpful.

Tire/rim upgrades? Checked the specs, apparently sports package came with 195,45R16, while areo active (body trim i have) comes with 185,55R15. Stock model is 14" rims

As for what im looking for overall, something more responsive then stock, something that handles better without sacrificing too much comfort and functionality, and something that just says i paid for the whole speedometer so i'm gonna use it, while being understated. Something that just blends into the crowd but is easily identifiable.

AutoEXE intake : Sun Vigor Online | 02-07 Mazda2 [DY | DC] AutoExe Carbon Fibre Air Intake System MDY959


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