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Greetings Everyone,

I'm really glad there is a community that focuses on these cars. Now I've got a crazy question...without getting deep into doing an entire engine swap too, or as last it possible to convert the shitty 4-speed Auto (Ford 4F27E)
in the Mazda 2 from it's cousin the Ford Fiesta with the Ford Powershift (CA6Z-7000) Dual-Clutch transmission? I'm a spirited driver and love cars, and my girlfriend not so much - hence no longer having a manual car :crying:...but there is hope for this thing if it is possible that it bolts right up to this specific motor though I don't have the technical knowledge or know how to make it function.

The 4 speed auto in this car is abysmal and archaic (how automatics got the bad rep) absolutely not intuitive at all and I'm hoping the Powershift can step in and pick up the pieces on a 70,000 mile care. I'm sure the Powershift has its own set of problems but it has 6 forward ratios...versus the very tall 4 which are inadequate and not intuitive for getting around the city of Philadelphia.

Please I'd love to start a discussion because I really really am dying inside with this transmission.

Thank you,

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