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I have a sad and sorry - looking 1990 Ford Courier ute.(a re-badged Mazda B2600 crew cab pick-up).
It is currently fitted with the standard 2.6 litre carb engine (mitsubishi 4G54) and 5 speed manual transmission.

I'm looking at either modifying the motor with mitsubishi parts (turbo,etc) or a complete heart transplant with the 2.5 litre DOHC mazda KL engine and suitable manual 'box.

She's been an absolutely reliable old girl. I would much prefer to give her the TLC she deserves and keep her for another 10-15 years than send her to the wrecker.

I've seen pictures on the web of similar "mini-trucks" that have had spectacular things done to them in the US. Is there a similar scene/industry here in Australia ?

Any help that you good people could offer would be appreciated.

Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera, so there are no photos.

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P
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