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Yes, this Firmware update is for all Mazda 2s with the following Touchscreen as shown above then Yes you can also have the working and 100 % Genuine Mazda Carplay and or Android Auto if you desire.

The Genuine Mazda Firmware part of this I supply to you is all free you just message me the Country and Region you need with your current in car current Version number in use today, I will return you with the correct download link.
To find out what Version is in your Mazda 2 now do the following..
1. Touch Red Round Cog of "SETTINGS" on homescreen.
2. Next top of the screen far right grey Folder of "System".
3. Scroll down screen to "About", touch About.
4. Then touch "Version Information" this will show you current Firmware in use in your car today and the country or region code like EU N, or NA N or 4A N so please also must tell me what this is listed in your return message to me.

Once you have installed latest firmware and used in car, you then must Buy and Install the two sets of Genuine Mazda Parts which is the all new Aux Hub box and all new Cable Set of two cables that fits between existing CMU in dash (behind touchscreen) and new Aux Hub (where SD Card slots in).

You do not have to install new parts if you do not want a working CP/AA. You can just ONLY update to the new and latest Firmware 74.00.311A, which gives you the latest updates and a faster to load and use MZD Mazda Connect System.

Please Note: I DO NOT supply or help with any AIO TWEAKS at all, you will need to start a new thread , please do not ask me about AIO Tweaks here, I will not reply.

NOTE: Links to secure new Genuine Connect Firmware WILL NOT ever be posted publicly IN THIS THREAD, they will ONLY be supplied via a Private Message to you.
Can I have v74 firmware please United Kingdom Europe
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