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Recently I had a problem wherein my 2011 Mazda 2 fan became noisy out of nowhere. Took the car to the dealer and after a one hour pretense for diagnosis I was told that there were leaves and debris stuck in the motor. This is strange as the cabin filter should prevent the leaves and debris from being sucked into the motor however the agent was adamant that this happens occasionally. A few pointers for those experiencing this problem.

1. Be careful when changing your Mazda 2 cabin air filter and make sure you vacuum the enclosure using a hose attached to a hand vacuum as a lot of debris gets shifted onto the backside area of the filter and may subsequently get sucked into the blower fan.

2. I had declined to change the cabin air filter at the dealer and done it myself and this may have caused the problem. Its hard to prove the dealer did this on purpose but somehow this problem started 15 days after the service appointment.

3. I paid $124 including taxes in Canada for diagnosis and cleaning. The only reason I went to the dealer is because I thought it was a bad bearing and the fan may need replacement. If you are experiencing this problem and your car isn't very old it may be leaves as well. Get it checked out with a reliable mechanic and get a more reasonable quote.

Share your thoughts on this problem and if anyone has a picture of where the fan motor is located and how to remove it that would be great.
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