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Hello everyone. I am a college grad on my way to get my first car. The problem is i cant decide on what is the best and practical option..

Mazda 2 was my first love. The way it looks, that sporty drive, however the main issues
1. the backseat space ( i may carry friends and fam in my car at some point but i wonder if it may be too cramped)
2. no AUX or usb interface ( i'd like to play my Mercedes BENZ C5 in the car, but i was wondering if it would be cheaper to just to buy the interface instead)

Now i started looking into the Nissan. Great space and it the AUX input, but it lacks that sporty look and looks a big closer to the ground, and it maybe a bit longer.

Not too interested in cargo space and what not. I just want something that looks nice, that ppl wont be too uncomfortable in the back and i can have a great listen to some MP3.

So what are your suggestions? Thanks much ! : )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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