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Mazda 2 Serial access issues

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Hi all,

New to the forums hey! :D

Bit of an issue I'm running into (surprise i know), I'm currently trying to gain access to the serial port in the back of my touch screen (to do the Mazda tweaks installation)

Issue i've noticed though, is that I'm not able to generate RX and TX communications into putty.

I'm using these;

but noticed the pin slot im trying to connect to seems empty in the cable

I also noticed on the back of the board input itself for the unit its using ovals instead of "O" male connectors.

can anyone make sense of the issues im facing?
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Ok so, i have access now (turns out the usb ttl converter i had labeled their inputs backwards, but now i have issues with credentials to access in via putty, using user and jci dont work , cmu and jci also dont work so im stumped.. unless the code appearing on screen in putty is adding to the text fields, but if thats the case its impossible to get both user and password before a input/output is recieved
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