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Mazda 2 suspension problem

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum; thanks for having me here!

Yesterday, I bought a used Mazda 2 3door, 1400 diesel 68hp, Dec 2010 with 25,000 km. During the test drive, I thought I was hearing a creaking noise coming from the back left wheel, especially when I was accelerating. The dealer reassured me that nothing was wrong with the car, which is only slightly used and with few km.

The car is still with the dealer, who told me that he must pass it through the technical control, before I can have it. Today I call him and he says that the car did not pass technical control because of a leakage problem in the left suspension. He tells me that he is going to replace the suspension and no further problems should occur. The dealer also offers 1 year warranty on the car.

Being almost ignorant about cars, you can realise that after this discussion I am worried on the quality of the car I bought. Does anyone have any experience on these issues? Is such a problem normal/simple to fix? Are there any future problems I should expect with such a car?

Thank you in advance.
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