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Hi all,
Newbie here. Just signed up and can already see it's going to be very useful with all the knowledge about.
Anyway, my wife has a 2006 Mazda 2 Capello 1.4CD. The drivers side windscreen wiper has started to go past the edge of the window hitting the A Pillar chipping off paint. So I took wipers off and scuttle. Can see the linkage and the joints are really loose but not popping off. I assume ( not having played with cars too much but willing to try ) that this is the cause of the problem. So, looking online I can find what looks like a cool clip to stop them from coming apart but I can't find anywhere that would sell the bushes. Has anyone else had this problem ringtones, know of a fix or links to point me in the right direction. eBay has lost ads of 2007 onwards available but 2006 looks rare. I've heard before that my model shared a lot of Ford Focus parts? Is there a ford part I could get.
Scratching my head here guys so any help would be much appreciated
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