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Mazda will debut four concept cars at the SEMA Show tomorrow highlighting two of the brand’s core values: performance and style.

While the two generally go together in modern Mazdas, half of the concepts clearly emphasize performance, while the remaining two put the spotlight on style.

In the performance category are two Clubsport models, with the Mazda3 Clubsport Concept sporting a Cusco coilover kit, Brembo brakes and wide 235/45 Bridgestone tires wrapped around big 19-inch Rays wheels. Not to ignore aesthetics entirely, this 3 looks like a hot hatch with a Mazda Design aero kit. The exterior customizations seem tame, however, compared to the very red leather interior coating almost every surface.

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Another sport-focused model is the Mazda6 Clubsport concept, riding on big 20-inch wheels with 245/35/20 Yokohama tires, sitting on an H&R spring kit. Helping the diesel engine’s note is a Racing Beat exhaust, while it looks the part thanks to a Mazda Design aero kit.

Switching from track-tuned to runway ready the Mazda6 Ceramic concept looks like art with a matte-white paint job accented by custom Rays wheels in a finish that resembles brushed aluminum. Further bringing the package together are custom Brembo brakes with calipers finished in a soft bronze. The theme continues inside with unique white leather in custom stitched patterns.

And finally there’s the Mazda Vector concept in a Soul Red shade with a simple set of Rays wheels, H&R Springs and the obligatory Brembo upgrade package.
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