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Mazda redesigned the Mazda6 already and there's no doubt all the other new models said to be redesigned will have some of the same styling features. I just wonder when the Mazda2 will also get the design change.

New versions of the Mazda3, Mazda6, MX-5 & CX-9

Mazda's product lineup is about to get a major overhaul as a new report is indicating the company will introduce four redesigned models by 2014.

Things will kick off with the launch of the redesigned CX-5, but the big news is an all-new Mazda6 which is expected to be introduced late next year. Previewed by the Takeri concept, the production model will likely feature a sportier appearance and a variety of fuel efficient engines.

Furthermore, Mazda will reportedly introduce redesigned versions of the Mazda3, MX-5 and CX-9 in 2013.

According to Automotive News, all the models will have Skyactiv technologies and ride on lightweight platforms which were created in-house.

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