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I've got laying around some fast road/track day parts that I had bought but don't really require anymore as i am going in a different direction with the car now. the all fit the DE5FS (1.5 SPORT) and the DE3FS (1.3 PETROL) and possible the diesel but you will have to check this.
all parts are brand new still in packaging and come with instructions an fittings. only possible downside is that the instructions for all except 1 part is in Japanese as they are only available from japan :)

first up is

Racing Beat front sway/anti-roll bar 25mm, Specially ordered from Racing Beat usa, includes the clamp kit and the instructions for this are in English :) looking for around the £150 mark ono

second up

Cusco rear sway/anti-roll bar 16mm. Joins lower suspension mounts. only available from japan (as far as im aware), have yet to find this part inside UK or USA, includes nuts and bolts to fit the part, instructions are in Japanese but easy to understand via illustration, looking for £130 ono


Silk Road rigid rear axle kit. this Bolts onto rear suspension arms.
this part is very hard to find, and manufactured in japan only so had a hard time finding it, as you could well imagine. instructions are in Japanese but are reasonably well illustrated to give an idea of how they fit, it comes with the long bolts to fit aswell. looking for about £140 ono


spoon sports front rigid collar set, these Fit between front subframe and mounting bolts to stop unwanted movement in the front wishbones. now this was an interesting buy, as I was unaware that spoon actually make something for a mazda rather than just Honda, and as such were extremely hard to find. instruction are in Japanese again but are very well illustrated via numbered diagrams. im looking for £120 ono for these.

all items are genuine sale no messing about, I was going to use it as a track day car, but have now decided to go down the show car route so these have just been laying around collecting dust. if somebody wanted to take the lot I would sell for £500 pictures are here


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