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Mazda2 Monster Looks Awesome

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We're not really sure how we missed this when it first surfaced at the Thailand International Motor Expo in 2010, but now we're hungry for more information on it. Mazda's Mazda2 entered the subcompact market with mixed reviews, some wondering if it really has a place in the market. Mazda brands it as a performance-oriented machine in a small package, but its 100-hp, 1.5L powerplant says otherwise.

If Mazda had presented the Mazda2 to the American market with this Mazda2 Monster however, we'd be more inclined to think that the vehicle is indeed a sports car in a subcompact body. Unfortunately we scoured the Internet looking for more information on this hot sedan, but came up empty. What we can notice is that it's decked out with carbon fiber components from the hood to its front lip and blister fenders while the rear gets a trunk replacement and spoiler and an aggressive set of wheels gives this Mazda2 a monstrous stance. The race-inspired theme continues with a Bride driver-side seat.

It looks as though this was an actual Mazda demo vehicle in the Mazda booth at the 2010 Thailand International Motor Expo, so we're thoroughly perplexed on what happened to it after that debut and why it hasn't surfaced elsewhere. We certainly think it's worth finding out more, so if anyone has any pointers as to this Mazda2 Monster's existence please share!

Check out a video of the Mazda2 Monster after the break.

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The video in the link you provided us is a MUST WATCH. I always wanted to see the Mazda2/Demio sedan in racing form and finally here it is. This thing looks top notch from the carbon fiber over fenders, to the Bride seat, and even the aggressive wheel setup.

i like!
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