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Mazdapseed 2 coming soon!!!

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Hey everybody, my name is ... Alex, and i live in Sunny Tampa ( really land O' lakes ) Florida. I'm Love My Mazda, and i have owned many before. I'm actually about to pick up yet another Mazda to my collection.

Here is some proof

Anyway. This is the Mazda 2 it's a base and yes that is a Real German License Plate Because i am actually yes German.

I'm currently in Development of a turbo kit for the Mazda 2. My goal is to have this work on both the Automatic, and the Manual cars. Once this is completed, The kit will finally be on the market as a true bolt on kit. No 2nd guessing yourself, no mismatched parts, and most important of all no ebay junk. So please join me and my team in making a real bolt on turbo kit. I'm hoping to eventually Sell this as a " Mazdaspeed2" upgrade :3. stay tuned
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soo ... any updates?

um any update on this boost kit? what are the details on the turbo, how many lbs can the stock rods/pistons handle things like that and more importantly the tune. Any maps for this to work?
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