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Morning ,I had the car running a treat ,but after fitting a new battery to the key fob I tried out the central locking and everything went wrong .The alarm
started along with the horns and the alarm light came up,with ign off and with it on there was another warning light ,with what looked like a triangle icon This was 4th from the bottom One or two members suggested the door locks When operates with the door pin they sounded like a machine gun,again I was told this is a sign of lock faults So Ive ordered a pair and waiting to fit them. On removing the door locks ,the same symbol is on the lock as is on the warning light ,so there`s a connection . However I think I mentioned ,going up the M6 to our sons in Yorkshire we were hit in the rear by a 25ton lorry It caused the car to go out of control and fortunately I managed to get it back and onto the hard shoulder The result is the car was written off and I have whiplash injuries ,which is causing problems bending down or lying down .So Im giving the MGa break,until I feel Im back to normal Len


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