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Good morning I thought I had finished restoring my MG F and went out to the garage this morning,to tidy thing up I started it and it fired up straight away I turned off then a bit later a friend called in to see how it was going I said how quickly it started and turned on to show him The horns went off and it wouldnt start I disconnected the horns save causing a noise.When the battery is connected ,the bottom alarm warning light comes on and then when the ignition is turned on,the 4th light from the top comes on the alarm is going off in the cab and the two warning light are on Speedometer Tachometer Gauge Trip computer Automotive lighting
Speedometer Gauge Automotive lighting Tachometer Measuring instrument
The 4th down, looks like a triangle in a circle. Can someone please help I Bought the car as a non runner and found the ECU was suspect replaced that and its been fine Len
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