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\my new Yozora

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Here are some pics of my new 2011 Mazda2 Yozora model.


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i see the pics, but, what exactly is the yozora model, appearance package? or appearance and suspension package or ???
Mostly looks

The Yozora model was release to the Canadian market only, in 2010.
My local Mazda dealer had a new 2011 sitting in their showroom and I knew I had to have it!
It's mostly just appearance package: Yzora Wing, chrome tailpipe, tinted windows, Black & Silver alloy rims with tires,
plus a set of Toyo winter tires on steel rims with hubcaps, which I have on now.
I also got the embroided Yozora floor mats and interior comfort package with cruise control, tilt steering, A/C, etc...
But unfortunately no suspension or performance package.
Still I really like her alot and she already gets a lot of looks from the public!
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What is all that white stuff on the ground?
That would be snow!

Hey being in Toronto I would imagine you know what that stuff is!
Don't tell me you guys don't have any snow there!
We have had our fair share here in Ottawa, so I was really happy that my Yozora came with Toyo winter tires!
But now I can't wait for spring so I can throw on my sweet looking black and silver alloy rims!
Haha. There is ZERO snow here. Yesterday it was sunny and +7 degrees. Sunny and around freezing right now, but overall, winter has not yet arrived. We haven't even had a snowfall yet that's been greater than 4cm. It's usually gone a couple days after.

Back on topic:
I haven't seen any Yozora models here in Toronto being driven around. The 2 seems to SLOWLY be gaining popularity here...Alien Green models being the primary colour choice.
Yeah pretty rare

Yeah same thing in Vancouver, really nice weather there, my buddies there are riding their motorcycles!
That was one of the things I used to love about living there, I am so jealous of them!

Yeah the Yozora is rare here in the Ottawa valley as well, I haven't seen another one yet.
But I bet there is some in Montreal, as it comes with the french-canadian appearance package or as we would like to say here, The Gatineau package!
Congrats on picking up a Mazda2 Yozora, I have yet to see these in person! So far All i've been seeing were regular Mazda2's, nothing special at all :(

Thanks for sharing.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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